Python for Designers

by Roberto Arista

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Hands-on Guides

This section contains a selection of practical guides for Python3 and Drawbot. The aim is to counterbalance the isolated context provided by manuals' chapters. This is the place where various topics are mixed and used to solve real-world scenarios. Expect a lot of code and tricky problems


HSL Color Wheel

Hue, Saturation and Luminosity are qualities we often use to describe colors in our daily life. Let's represent this colors model using the colorsys Python module and the Drawbot arc() function

>>> read()


Kerning Heat Map

Heat maps are a classic in data visualization. Let's combine them with kerning data from a UFO file

>>> read()


Variable Waterfall Poster #1

Part one: typeset tight-spaced posters analyzing the width of words from a list using textSize() from Drawbot

>>> read()


Variable Waterfall Poster #2

Part two: get variable font technology to work and typeset a different instance for each line of the poster

>>> read()